The Old Lyon district

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The Old Lyon district

Old Lyon district: a must-see during your stay in our hotel

Vieux-Lyon district: secret and majestic

Composed of the Saint-Paul, Saint-Jean and Saint-Georges districts, Vieux-Lyon (old Lyon district) located near ACE Hotel, is a remarkable urban ensemble with superb Renaissance residences.
Visiting "Vieux-Lyon" is like walking through the history of Lugdunum, capital of Gaul, city of lights with two hills (Fourvière to the west and Croix-Rousse to the east) and two rivers. "Vieux-Lyon" is also the secret and mysterious district of the famous traboules, secret passages linking buildings by vaulted corridors or decorated with French-style ceilings. From traboules to traboules, one discovers magnificent interior courtyards revealing behind their doors the wealth of these 15th and 16th century residences that were home to rich families of bankers, Italian, Flemish or German merchants. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its rich architectural heritage, Vieux-Lyon is an enchanting journey.

The traboules are not to be missed:

  • From 22 rue des Capucins to 5 rue Coustau

  • From 27 Rue du Boeuf to 54 Rue Saint-Jean

  • From 3 rue des Antonins to 68 rue Saint-Jean

  • From 19 rue Saint-Jean to 2 rue des Trois Maries

  • From 2 place du Gouvernement to 10 quai Romain Rolland

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